Lara and Charles

Lara and Charles had a traditional Jewish wedding at the gorgeous Paa-Ko Ridge Golf ¬†Club in Sandia Park, New Mexico. This became a favorite shooting location right away. Wow! I have been looking at brown dirt and dust for so long in this drought I felt like I had gone to green heaven for an evening. Lara and Charles were so much fun to work with that between them and the location you couldn’t ask for more. I love love love these images and thanks to Lara’s long veil we got to make some really cool photos! I was 8 months pregnant in August at this wedding so I had some help. Thanks to Lindsay Parks, my second photographer, I could take moments off my feet and trust that great photos were still being captured. I hope we get to team up again in the near future and get back to Paa-Ko ridge! Congratulations Lara and Charles. We had an amazing day with you guys!