Hot Air Balloon Wedding with Stephanie and Rodney

What an unbelievable adventure this was! For years I had a wish to shoot a wedding on a Hot Air Balloon and just a few months ago I get a call from Stephanie. She says “We are anything but normal” and I am thinking, “Right on!” Come Mother’s Day at sunrise we were flying high above the Rio Gorge near Taos with the most amazing bad ass balloon company in New Mexico, Eske’s Paradise Balloons. Ken, our pilot, and our crew of Kory and Casey made the day just that much more exciting with their unique personalities and Kory’s vivid storytelling. Our landing was the most exciting part when shortly after an “I do” we are headed down for a Three Bump Basket Dump Landing ( I made that up just for Rory). The officiant, Jeff Northrup was an experienced ballooner and didn’t seem to mind the bumpy landing at all. The pictures tell all and you will see Stephanie and Rodney with smiles on there face the whole time! After they packed up the Balloon we drove over to the Gorge Bridge for a champaign brunch where we heard Kory tell his very animated story of the first Hot Air Balloon. It was a perfect day and Stephanie’s hot pink shoes made it even better. Our adventure together ended at the El Monte Sagrado with a few pictures of their sweet dogs wearing their little bow ties. My second photographer, Suzanna Finley was there with us at the beginning and captured us going up. How fun for me to see those photos. Now I know how the Bride and Groom feels when they get to see their photos! I think next time I will send Suzanna up 😉 This was my dream wedding to shoot and I am so excited to share this with all of you. Enjoy!

Hot Air Balloon WeddingHot Air Balloon Wedding